Tooro’s Pride Foundation (TPF)

A non-profit organization in Canada, Tooro’s Pride Foundation (TPF) provides settlement and integration services to all Immigrants and refugees, services to survivors and victims of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Low-income individuals and families in Southern Ontario

Incorporated in 2020 as a non-profit organization, founders of Tooro’s Pride Foundation identify as Immigrants and Refugees, some are survivors of GBV, and some have had poverty affect them because of conditions beyond their control, so they have lived experiences of these global issues.

Registered Charitable Number: 738218478RR0001


In partnership, we empower immigrants and refugees to successfully resettle and integrate, survivors of GBV and low-income families enjoy and benefit from full participation in their communities


A society where immigrants and refugees, survivors of gender-based violence and low-income individuals and families can reach their potential.


TPF believes:

  • In an environment which enhances self-esteem and respect for all
  • That each individual is unique and of value
  • That we all have responsibility to build a healthy community
  • In a holistic approach in working with individuals and community
  • In constant attention, sensitivity, and flexibility throughout the ongoing process of relationship building
  • In ethical practices
  • In Volunteerism
  • In innovation and creativity