Join as a presenter at the largest learning, informative and empowering event for Ending Gender-Based Violence 2022. We are looking for presenters that can deliver fully and effectively. As a potential presenter, you have the ability and opportunity to lead the session, thus, to ensure a range of viewpoints and diverse experiences, presenters are encouraged to collaborate on their proposals. As a presenter at the International Summit on Ending Gender-Based Violence 2022, you can share your expertise. Speaking at a Summit is a great way to enhance your reputation as an expert on GBV Issues, make key connections, and set yourself apart as a forward-thinking leader. As a speaker, you have a unique opportunity to put forth bold ideas and create a buzz – a powerful career booster!

  • There is no compensation for presenting with The Non-profit Partnership.
  • We do not share attendee contact information with presenters. We are happy to share information from the presenter with our event attendees (like resources, slides, etc.). The presenter is allowed to collect attendee information if the attendees are interested in sharing their information.
  • As a presenter you must Identify key issues on Ending Gender-Based Violence
  • Expand their knowledge and professional skills
  • Prepare for the challenges facing the world at large i.e covid 19
  • Engage in the discourse concerning the issues on Ending Gender-Based Violence
  • Identify emerging issues relevant to Ending Gender-Based Violence

Conference theme: “Gender- based violence and intersectionality”

Dates of the conference:

03rd– 04th September 2022 in Toronto

Objectives and/or purpose:

Topics being sought:

  • Gender based Violence
  • Intersectionality
  • Anti-Oppressive Practice
  • Empowerment
  • How to break social cultural norms
  • Violence against women and girls during Covid-19
    If you have any other topic that aligns with the theme of the summit, we encourage you to submit your ideas.


Proposals are solicited for 30 minutes – 60 minutes, the presentation timeframe will include introductions, presentation materials, question and answer session. Attendees should leave with specific knowledge about various aspects of topics that affect victims and survivors of gender-based violence.

Submission, Requirements and Specifications

Proposals to present must contain and convey sufficient detail to allow our SUMMIT Planning Committee to understand how the proposed session will contribute to the African Descent objectives. Selection is competitive, so you must submit a compelling and complete proposal.
All information must be sent to our email: ;  The due date of submission will be 06/20/2022. All submitters will be notified of acceptance, regret or wait-listed by 06/25/2022. Presenters are encouraged to upload photographs and bio at the time proposals are submitted. Bios are a minimum of 200 words. The purpose of the presenter bio is to provide background information of academic qualifications, career accomplishments and experience.

Bio Guidelines

  • Full name, current job title and organization’s name
  • Description of your role in the organization and the products/services it provides
  • Highlights from your career as it relates to your current position
  • Key civic activities and personal interests
  • Degrees, certifications, awards, honors, and authored publications
  • cater to your audience
  • share a unique perspective
  • keep it brief