Refugee Claimants are individuals who must flee their country to seek asylum (protection) in another country. These claims are made after arrival in Canada.

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     Our program staff assist refugee claimants during their claim process and provide support when addressing any issues which may arise while they are navigating the Refugee Determination Process in Toronto

  1. One-on-one meetings to assess needs and create an Action Plan
  2. Information and referrals for additional help and support prior to, and after, a hearing with Immigration &Refugee Board (IRB)
  3. Supportive counselling and referral to therapeutic counselling to those having difficulties in coping
  4. Assistance with preparation of essential documentation (Work Permits, Permanent Residence applications and other eligible benefits
  5. Referral to the IRB Ready Tour for hearing preparations
  6. Referral for health, food, shelter, and other basic needs
  7. Referral to educational facilities and/or employment preparation and training programs
  8. Assistance to allow for a smooth introduction and transition into the broader community