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Economic security leads to better futures. Helping women and gender-diverse people get the tools they need to move out of poverty.

Women and gender-diverse people are at high risk of poverty, which makes them and their families vulnerable to problems like housing and food insecurity, exploitation, and gender-based violence. Poverty is significant barrier to gender equality and safety for women, Two-spirited, Trans and non-binary people.


Women are more likely to live in low-income households than men, especially single mothers.

Some are even more likely to live in low-income households and face higher risk of poverty including Indigenous women, racialized women with disabilities and trans people.

On top of the human suffering it creates, from healthcare to housing to the legal system, poverty costs Canada billions of dollars each year.

Women are underrepresented in many higher -wage sectors in Canada. For instance, women make up only 20% of the technology workforce.

Breaking cycles of Gendered poverty and building better futures.


  1. Tooro’s Pride Foundation distributes food, clothing, hygiene kits and other basic necessities to needy individuals and families in the GTA
  2. Provide wrap around support to help participants break barriers to access programs in the first place. They help participants get childcare and transportation, afford course materials, find safe housing, and maintain employment.
  3. Teach entrepreneurship. Participants learn essential life skills and how to create a business plan, build a network, and do marketing, sales, and product development. Some get help finding mentors, and some get help accessing loan funds to launch their businesses.
  4. Help women learn employment skills and gain work experiences in social purpose business operated by community-based non-profits organizations. They receive on the job training and coaching. For women who have been out of the workforce, work multiple jobs to make ends meet, and are new to Canada, these programs help them gain experience and confidence
  5. Help participants break into well-paying fields where women are underrepresented. Construction, carpentry, electrical, auto mechanics and technology. Participants might be matched, and many programs help women to pay for essentials like tools.